Fire Prevention Systems and Safety Services

Specialized Fire has become one of the largest, most respected providers of fire protection systems and services in the region. We have a proven track record of performance, and our unparalleled level of reliability and quality have become our trademark. We provide solutions at cost effective prices and stand behind our work 100%. This places us in the unique position to offer our customers complete, comprehensive and cost-effective service.

The fire protection industry has changed substantially over the years, and Specialized Fire has kept pace. In response to the ever-evolving nature of our industry, and thanks to the many advances in technology over the years, we have increased our service profile to meet the expanding needs of our clients. Our company is proud to have become a single point of contact for fire protection products and services.


Premium engineering design is central to every fire protection project we manage.


We contract with licensed, professional electrical and mechanical installation crews to install all of our fire protection systems.

Inspections & Maint.

Our highly skilled field engineers perform required inspection of all of the systems and services that we provide.


Our experienced field engineers are trained to identify and repair most fire protection systems.


Need some help on a project? Our design engineers are always willing and ready to help you out, give us call today.

Fire Systems & Protection Products

Our Comprehensive services include the design, evaluation, service and inspection of an extensive number of system types, including but not limited to.

  • Fire Alarm & Evacuation Systems
  • Fire Alarm Special hazards
  • Industrial Dry & Wet Chemical Systems
  • In Building Radio Systems
  • Carbon Dioxide Suppression Systems
  • Industrial Gas Detection

  • Advanced Detection Systems
  • Security, CCTV, & Access Control Systems
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • High Expansion Foam
  • Vesda

Fire evacuation system retrofit and upgrades have become our specialty. Compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) has over burdened existing system power supplies. Upgrade to intelligent systems provide better human interface and system flexibility for the client.

Fire Protection Products

  • Emergency voice & Alarm
  • Fire Detection
  • Fire Panels
  • Management Stations
  • Notification Appliances

Specialized Fire also has distinguished capabilities in the following types of projects

Educational Facilities


Airport Terminals

High-Rise Building

Aircraft Hangars

Pharmaceutical Companies

Govt. & High-Security Facilities


Mission Critical Hazard Systems

Industry Specific Training & Experience

  • Factory Trained
  • OSHA
  • NYFD Certifications
  • Aeronautical Operations Areas (AOA)
  • Current Good Manufacturing Principles (cGMP)
  • Background Checks.

Data Center Specialist

Specialized Fire is proud to offer a complete data center fire suppression solution. Our team will handle the process from design to final acceptance, but we don’t stop there. Specialized Fire has advanced strategic partnerships with professionals in the electrical, HVAC, flooring, and general contracting fields, all of whom work as a team to complete data center projects.

Data centers feature fire protection systems, including passive and active design elements, as well as implementation of fire prevention programs in operations. Smoke detectors are usually installed to provide early warning of a developing fire by detecting particles generated by smoldering components prior to the development of flame. This allows investigation, interruption of power, and manual fire suppression using hand held fire extinguishers before the fire grows to a large size. A fire sprinkler system is often provided to control a full scale fire if it develops. Clean agent fire suppression gaseous systems are sometimes installed to suppress a fire earlier than the fire sprinkler system. Passive fire protection elements include the installation of fire walls around the data center, so a fire can be restricted to a portion of the facility for a limited time in the event of the failure of the active fire protection systems, or if they are not installed.

Bi-directional Amplifier

Call 973-616-8771 for information about our bi-directional amplifier systems.

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Call 973-616-8771 for information about our distributed antenna systems or DAS.

In Building Radio Repeater

Call 973-616-8771 for information about our in building radio repeater systems.

Public Safety Radio in Building

  • International Building Code 915.1 NJ
  • International Fire Code Section 510 NJ